March 30th, 2002


They're playing... a really good song!

Ahhh... I can't remember what it's called! But it's on Tim O'Brien's album "The Crossing".

Well... I sound like a real idiot.

And... yes, I know you all want to hear it... our computer is (duhduhduhduhDUH) dead. Couldn't save my mp3s. Didn't bother saving any of my artwork (most of it's backed-up on the web anyway). All my Word documents, however, were saved and are now with me on the laptop. They've all been renamed to include ~ at the end... but I can live with it.

Fuck... he's trying to just clear everything out right now... and it won't recognize the monitor.

That's a good sign.
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    Folk music on WKSU... like I get a choice anymore...
diner friends

Lala... lala...

So... I'm really bored. But, here's a fun tidbit! I came home today and checked on to see whether, perchance, anyone had stopped by the Harry/Remus story I'd posted a few days ago. And, lo and behold!, there were three new reviews! (Bringing the grand total up to five... but let's not get picky...)

And they're all really nice!

That's all. No whining, no complaining.
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