April 2nd, 2002


Bored like rabbits...

Aah... eeh... ooh... I wanna go hooo-ooome. ;____; I'm so damn whiny. Sorry...

But cry, cry... sad, sad... head hurts. Today has been mucho simple. Thank god. I guess.
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I'm watching the "Thriller" video...

And all I can think of is Morgan's comment: "I'm convinced they had to paint him black for that."

Well... it does kinda look that way, poor strange man. And don't get me wrong... I really don't mind Michael Jackson.

There are just so many thing to make fun of! His disclaimer at the beginning is great silly fodder too.

And Remus is watching happily and poking around my ankles to try and get me to type out his story faster. Okay, okay dammit! >__
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*pouts, cries, whines*

Can't access my friends page. ;______; Bored. I mean, this is the whole point of a night with no homework, isn't it?

That and two oekaki pics and about two more pages of the "Thriller" fic. *growls* Fucking epic. Not supposed to be that way at all.

Am also wanting to write a much more angsty/pedophile-ish fic for Remus and Harry. I'm so easily influenced. *bangs her head on the table* And I wanna call it "Lola".

Does this whole 'character muse' deal strike anyone as being awfully similar to schizophrenia?
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