April 5th, 2002


It's Friday morning...

And I wanna go hooo-oooome! *falls asleep* Ouch...

I had this really weird dream where I saw this car accident at my bus stop. It involved one of those Driver's Ed cars (except this one was more like a tank). I think it was from Ravenna. It was blue, with yellow writing on the sides. I saw it swerving all over the road and yelled out "Learn how to drive, bitch!" Then the car turned around and started heading toward me... but, no, it was just out of control. So it hit this big white truck (I think). And then the driving instructor came over to us and said something like "The other guy thinks it's his fault, so just go along with him... ok?" Then he gives us these puppets and makes us give him an alibi... with the puppets... on camera.

And that was only a small part of it.
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Nozzle info...

Tickly... want to sneeze...

Anyway... oh, the computer is back home. Dad was pissed that they'd just put ME back, until he read the invoice. Turns out that his copy of XP was corrupt. Ta da! There is almost nothing on our computer. -___-;; He sasy he should have all the programs back up and running by Suday, probably.

Want my scanner. I never realized what a luxury having one was. I have so much stuff that I've drawn that I just want to get online (especially all the new Harry Potter stuff that I've been forced into).

take the Which HPSRPG (DoubleCross) character are you? test

you're draco malfoy
you seem to have clung to the idea that it's better to be disliked than to be forgotten. well, at least people know WHO you are.

Why does this not seem right?
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It's hot. I'm tired and cranky. And I'm still at the fucking school.

Want... home. Finger... hurts. Must turn in Rome money... soon. Go to shrink... I do not want to.

Want... less Remus/Sirius. Want... to stop constructing sentences in this manner.
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diner friends


You know those giant, cement tubes they put in the ground?

I can climb through one of them!

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diner friends


I wonder if I could get away with sleeping in one of those big cement tubes...

I'm anxious to try it!
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