April 8th, 2002



I had a bad dream tonight. Like, a really scary bad dream (and it was a "Harry Potter" bad dream too!). I was frightened when I woke up. Icky. Maybe I'll explain later.

But, see... I had a bad dream last night too. And that one wasn't exactly scary, but it was bad... and one that I don't want to talk or write about.

Wha... my subconscious sucks.
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Maybe I just want to brag about... this!

Want to Get Sorted?

a Gryffindor!

Mwahaha... it's so pretty. I used to feel guilty for usually getting (and wanting to get) sorted into Gryffindor... until I realized that that's actually pretty accurate. And then I stopped worrying about it.

Always a bit of a toss between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, though. I'm too mean for Hufflepuff and too nice for Slytherin.

Anya said that I'm frightening. I... no. I don't think that's true. But she thinks I'm scary, and she thinks that Mrs. Dzeda is afraid of me. Which is why she gives me an A no matter what.

But I don't think that I'm at all threatening. Alice M. says that she can kick my ass (*snorts* Bring it on...) and even Lisa S. was saying "Oh, I'm not scared of you Stephanie!"

Feedback on this topic? I think it's an odd concept, personally. I mean... I'm weird. I'm not violent or anything.

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diner friends


Me: So, I was listening to the Ramones last night...
Jamie: And what? And you realized that all punk from the beginning on sucks?
Me: Um... no...
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My theory on temper tantrums and music...

I'm listening to "World of Noise" right now. Specifically, "Nervous and Weird" just ended. And all I can think about is how much that song is like throwing a purely angry fit. It's so much emotion just packed into one song. Ouch. It hurts. "Invisible" does that to me too... because all I want to do is fucking scream right along with Art. It makes me so mad, everything makes me so fucking mad, let's just kill the whole fucking planet and get it over with, ok?

But that's not really me. That's me angry. Still, all I what is to bounce up and down and scream this at the top of my lungs.

I've had very few times (that I can remember) where I've actually thrown some sort of tantrum. I mean, I've also dished out psychotic episodes... but that's different. I think I tend to let my anger surface as this pure, girly hurt. When I get frustrated, I cry. I hate that. More than anything. Because when I'm frustrated all I really want to do is rip the hair out of someone else's head and do many other nasty things... but no. I cry.


So... my repressed anger comes out in my choice of music. Tada. The end.
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