April 10th, 2002


I made myself a new icon!

^^;; I am so obsessed... it's awful...

Don't worry (I dunno... are you?) the "fuck you, too!" icon with Nelson Rockefeller giving the finger will return... as soon as I get my paid account. *shifty eyes*
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So today was the art museum. Mmm... fun. I really, really love school days where I can actually use my knowledge. It's so fun.

Strolled the museum with Brandy. And, barring any major disagreement from her, I had fun. It's way better walking around with someone else than kinding trailing aimlessly behind Mrs. Atkins. But I'm almost always so shy that I feel weird just joining someone else's group, even if they really don't mind.

Oh... by the way. A Eunuch's Dream can be found on this page about a third of the way down. ^___^ Yes, I went out and found it. But it's so pretty! I saved it and everything... You might be able to find some of the other art you wanted on that page too.

That's about it.
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