April 11th, 2002



Ah... so, school today. And tomorrow too. But it's apparantly only a half a day. I like that.

We are watching "Office Space" in English. Why? I don't know. Because it's fun. And it's not like we ever do any real work in there anyway.

I have a picture I wish to color. Paint. With watercolors. I can't type today. My fingers are jelly rolls. Jelly rolls have trouble typing.

Boo... story on ff.net is being ignored. Probably with good reason. I'm thinking that I may, quite possibly, need to expand it some. But I still like it. It's... yanno... fun.

Werewolves of London

Yeah... and you know it has to be fun when it has werewolf built right into the title...
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diner friends


I'm fucking bored out of my skull.

So... I'm on AIM for no particular reason. If you feel like IMing me, the name is DScull264.

I guess I'm kinda boring though. I bore myself...
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diner friends

Yay! At least I have one accurate test result!


Which Marauder are YOU? by Britt

I (unintentionally) made frozen yogurt stew. With peanuts and chocolate sauce. Whoops.

I ate my stew. It was good.

Two mental images:

1) Denker for NeoSat- Long, thick blonde hair, loose. Khakis and turtleneck with labcoat overtop. Sitting with a clipboard in his lap, but looking up at the viewer.

2) Jeremiah for Silva- Chin-length flat, black hair. Understated leather jacket, sweater, slacks. Pretty.

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