April 13th, 2002


Wanky silly...

I... um...

I don't know. Like, I feel like I should have something to say. But I don't.

I'm rebuilding my mp3 collection. It's harder than I expected and it's causing a little lump of sadness in my throat. I want all the really super-rare Everclear songs I had (ex. The salsa version of "Santa Monica").

Oh... and I think I got called sexy today. I don't know. It was either me or my drawing. And it was Jordan, so it's not like it really matters. But it would be odd to think of Jordan having a... crush? A crush on me.

So I have convinced myself that it was totally about my drawing and not me. Which is a good thing because... ick. Boys.

I saw this sticker that I really wanted today in the supermarket. It was this cute little chick holding out one arm on the "talk to the hand!" position and the caption was something like "I am NOT interested!" Unfortunately, it was in one of those random chance sticker machines. I tried my luck, but got one that says "Boys Stink" instead.

Not that I believe that... I just thought the "...not interested" sticker would make a nice addition to the lesbian-mobile.

My car...

Yeah. I'm going to bed now.
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diner friends

This is a title

Ooookay. My mother had discovered the glorious world of forwards. Ma, it is way, way more interesting to get actual letters from you. I swear. Even when I haven't responded to the last one. *guilty sweatdrop and slinking away* I have to call her. Like... now.

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No, mother of fucking mercy, no!

This is my computer.

This is my computer on crack.

Update: XP does not like Winamp and Explorer. Together.

Bull. Shit. You will do as I say! *magic faerie dust sprinkles and boings*
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