April 15th, 2002

diner friends

Muuurrrr, wha?

I don't like computers. The computer at home is now having this issue with typing...

I mean, typing for christsakes. How stupid is that? It's like, I start typing...

... And then a second later the computer says "Hey! Whoa! She's typing!" And starts trying to process this thought. The text may or may not appear.

It's really irritating. And Internet Explorer so totally loves giving me error messages that it does it as soon as I click the icon! Whee!

This is not making me happy...

I built my bridge for physics last night at 11:00. I am looking forward to watching the ugly motherfucker get smashed.

Must go, for the bell tolls. Dong, dong, dong...

If I have a muse...

Could we kill it? Please, oh please? *cries* Because it's forcing me to make a Remus/Harry shrine.

Me: No, see... there's a reason this is seriously wrong. And that reason is: I haven't updated my other two webpages in ages... (it rhymes!)

Muse-type-person: Indeed... but you would, if you only had your other webs on your computer! Use that excuse!

Me: But it's not a very good excuse! In fact, it's a downright sucky excuse!

Muse: That is soooooo not my problem.

Ohhhh, damn. But it looks really neat so far, with little wolf buttons and everything. And I'm addicted to the name ("What A Piece Of Work Is Man"), which is just so wrong. *hits self* Stop being addicted to concepts! This is why you get made fun of!

Remus is, of course, gloating. We shall see, bitch. *shifty eyes... slinks away*
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