April 19th, 2002



School sucks. I'm tired and achey and silly and I would prefer to be at home. It's hot here. I'm not in the mood. I was here last night (I was... really). Wahhhh, so sick of schooooooooool.

My cat got stuck between the glass part of my window and the screen part. I came home to find him like that. I'd had the window open and he'd knocked it so the glass part had come crashing down... He was standing perfectly still in that wee bitty area.

Geez, Greebo. He was quite thankful to get out. It was kinda funny though. I'd looked up at the window when I was coming home and thought "Hey! There's Greebo! What's he doing? Hum... maybe he's stuck? Nah..." But he was. Dumb cat.

My pants feel wrong.
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diner friends

From rotten.com...

"Western student Matt Russell stripped down to his underwear and socks Thursday in Red Square, holding a sign that read, "This guy gave me a great blowjob." Russell's sign referred to the evangelist he was standing next to, George Smock, who has been preaching in Red Square since Tuesday. "I got out of class and saw him," Russell said. "Then I went and bought a marker and poster board and took off my clothes."

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