April 24th, 2002

diner friends

Hurrah for me...

I will not eat, I will not eat. I will be good. I will not eat. Blaaaaaaaah... >___< Well... maybe if I got some water and some vegetables...

No! Because if I go to do that, I will be conned into buying something else. I'll be good. I'll stay away from the food lines.

Miss Atkins told me that I am a natural artist. *beams* She said something like "you're good at anything you touch." This is incredibly untrue, but damn... what an ego boost!

Hunger is gnawing at my braaaaaaaaaiiiiiiin. "And never was there a story of more woe, than that of Othello and his Desdemon...oh. Whoa Dezzie!"

Haha. Adam Long absolutely rocks my world. *pokes the Reduced Shakespeare Company* More! More videotapes! Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase? 9_9
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