May 2nd, 2002



So today I really have to go to Promworks. Really, really. Hah. I don't like leaving my house at night. I want to be a night hermit and NEVER LEAVE!

bwahahahaha... "what's a little reign?"

We got a new scanner and it's all hooked up. It rocks my socks off. It scans like... "shhhhhooooooooop!" And then it's done. Isn't that sweet? I wish I had more cool stuff to scan. I don't

I painted a pretty picture last night. Haha. It's not that pretty. But... shhhh!... don't tell anyone.

*sings* IIIIIIIIIIIII have work to do! Must do so much fucking work! Must strangle everyone! Wheee!
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Bad, bad, bad music muses!


Justin and Richard ("Murder By Numbers") have scurried around and claimed all of Adema's songs as their own. No exceptions. As well as some Colorfinger stuff and... um... oh yeah! The song "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" from Cabaret.

Yes... bad, bad, good boys with lovely homoerotic tension that fucking saved that movie.
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    Adema - The Way You Like It