May 5th, 2002


"Hmmm." "Hmmm." "Hmmm."

Had discussion today with father about Savannah College of Art and Design. I want to go there like mad... but the cost is kinda...

Ugh... A lot. I know he'd be so happy if I'd go to a public school. But all the colleges of Art and Design or the Art Institutes are private. He'd be ecstatic if the whole Miami U thing worked out and I went there. Then there's Kent State, which is the absolute fall back school for me. Haha. "Can't read, can't write, Kent State!"

Funny, funny, funny. But, jesus. I've been thinking about my senior year. See... every year the "Super Senior" version of our school paper comes out, coinciding when seniors graduate. And every year they have this giant map that shows where everyone will be going to school.

I just think it would be so awesome to be the only person under "Savannah". Me, me, me. I remember that Pat was the only person who went to Berkley (from his class). And Jenny went to... um, some Christian church in Iowa. Yeah.

Anyway, it's just a pride thing. Art, art, art. Looked at the course work for an Illustration major and it was... wow. All of my time would be spent drawing.

Then again, I can't figure out whether I'll get burned out drawing all the time. Will I still like it after four years?
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