May 16th, 2002

diner friends

Consarn it...

My email's not working. Not that anyone actually emailed me or anything, but still... it's the principle of the thing.

Blarrrgh. Will check at school.

I'm so cheerful! I bought these "Disney Princess" tattoo bandaids at the grocery store yesterday! *happiness* I have Aurora on my arm right at this very moment! Oh, the cuteness is unbearable. But it definitely takes attention away from a) fresh cuts and b) old scars. I'm proud. But nervous that those meddling guidance office people will see and get all huffy. Again.

Haha... had a good idea for my self-portrait pose: two fingers cocked like a gun, held up to my temple while I grin like a mad person. Yes, fuck the guidance people... I'm doing that. Because I want to.

Pops concert is tomorrow. Rehearsal tonight. Cutting into my oekaki time... >___< Not that I need any more of it.

Gee... time to skedaddle....
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We have food at our house! I'm so excited! Yay!

I'm the hero and not without good reason.

I have the best coat ever and I'm loveable

as hell to boot. Love! And! Peace!

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*Stops. Looks at result. Looks around.* Yeah, ok... it's pretty true. Love and peace and kinky gay sex with priests and brothers! Whee! ^___^;;

So, what was that I said about having no email? I'm an idiot. I had 13 messages. 13! I average about two a day... and I had thirteen. Granted, much was completely irrelevant. But still... Someone sent me some Tabby/Amara fan art that makes me really, really, really wanna draw the gals. Ooh baby.

Pops rehearsal tonight. I may have to shoot myself. And then the Pops concert is tomorrow night. Someone is definitely going to die (and I am of the sneaking suspicion it may be Linday Wargo). Nya...

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