May 18th, 2002



Today is my birthday and I have lost my glasses. >___< Consarn it. Um... but I think I left them in the choir room. The operative word being "think". Yes.

Speaking of choir, Friday was Pops.

"It's over!"
"We did it!"

And all was well and normal. Actual concert didn't suck as much as I thought it would. Perhaps I've become jaded. Remus had weird visual orgasms during "Werewolves of London" and... of course... "Thriller". Many orgasms during that one. All the while, I'm shivering and thinking "shut up, dammit".

So, yeah. It was ok. Clean-up was such a bitch, but I did get to see Sam N. And he said 'hi'. *stars in eyes* Stupid, but... I do have a minute crush on him still. Can I help it? He looks like Seth Green. And is gay, which is such a huge plus.

And then we knocked over a speaker. I hope we didn't break it... it would delay our getting new curtains until *checks watch* 2053. Also, I said something about how I'd end up staying at the school forever and taking over for Miss Roberts. And then Sarah said "Oh, I can totally see you doing that!"

Oh, nonononono. And then I bent over and Steve ran into my butt. And put his hands there. And patted me. And said he was sorry. No innuendo, no jokes...

We are suspecting he may be gay too. Which is just peachy, because he's far too cute and cuddly to be straight. Hee!

And... um... I got some books for my birthday. And money. And my dad's old laptop. And a paid account here at lj, which is what I'm having the most fun with! Haha...

And damn those Varsity Women for making me like this song! "Her name was Lola... she was a showgirl..."
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