May 25th, 2002


I have begun the writing of my senior will...

So far: "Jessica: 'I had an iguana, but...'" and "Mrs. Atkins, Mr. Haney: Okay, I'm done. You guys can have your rooms back."

That's all. I would add "Sarah K.: Robert Frost is still obtuse." But, unfortunately, Sarah won't be here next year. *cries* Stupid graduate.

Maybe I'll put it in anyway.

Yes, I've been planning this since I was a freshman. Why do you ask?
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Fooled around with journal settings but was having much trouble. Am completely clueless... as usual. x__X

So... how do people take up, like, half the friggin' page with a picture and then stick their journal stuff waaaaay over to the side. I have seen it done. Blaaaah. Like here. Or here. Are they using this mysterious "embedding" business that I know nothing of?

How did they do that? Whaaa... I want that. Except less... perky.

Whine, whine, whine. I'm good at it, dammit. Whining that is.

Am wondering if maybe I should just ask these people (which would be, like, the normal thing to do). Mmm... don't want to intrude... don't know them well... aaaargh.
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