May 26th, 2002


Yes... still going on about the journal layout...

Ok. I have some sort of code to go by now... (thanks to rabican and nikki_nekochan for the help with that)

But... yeah. Apparently no one in the vast sea of the internet ever made screencaps or anything from the "Thriller" video. Or... any images, really. There is quite a lack of "Thriller" anything, especially among MJ fans (*shrugs* I dunno...)

So... I may strike the "Thriller" idea. I have the best picture I could find (that was also lage enough) up as my background currently. It looks goofy. But this may also be because I can't work out how big to make the box for the frames.

Anyone smarter than me have any suggestions? Am also entertaining thoughts of Reduced Shakespeare Company theme (no clue how to do that one...) and some sort of Harry Potter theme.
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Can I go to this school?

Man, I wish I had the opportunity to do some of these activities in my English class.

*adds one of her own* "Write romantic story about Harry and a certain werewolf/professor."

See, that I could get an 'A' on.

Found a page for Daniel Radcliffe (the actor playing Harry Potter in the movies). Squeee! ^___^ So... friggin'... cute! And they had a little bio-type thing on him...

Things that amused me...

Favorite TV-show: The Simpsons (Mine too...)
Favorite books: Terry Pratchett's books: "The Colour of Magic", "The Light Fantastic" etc, (... Mine too...)
Favorite animal: Wolf (please never change... ^^)
Sweet things: Diet Coke (Mine too!)
Favorite sport: gymnastics ("I can run up a wall,and do a somersault onto my feet. All without wires!")

Flexible li'l boy, eh? Should probably not continue in this vein... ^^;;;;
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