May 28th, 2002


*Sighs... coughs*

I can't believe... ugh. *runs into a hole and dies* I was up until some ungodly hour last night finishing the second part of 1984. And then I couldn't sleep after that so I just... stayed up. Not even doing anything productive, mind you. Just... awake. Singing "Moondance" to myself in the dark.

And then I still haven't finished the choir caricatures yet. Um... someone's gonna kick my butt today. But I have today... and... today still.

Waaaa... I am irresponsible. And those buggers take far longer than they should. Somebody pay me for it... >____<

Spoken like a true artist...
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"Who needs sleep? Yeah, you're never gonna get it!"

Anyway... my life currently. In a nutshell. Went to choir banquet (did, in fact, get all the caricatures done). Won "Most Unique" in my choir.

Sigh... "most unique" is not grammatically correct, people! And stop calling me that. I'm a sheep. I'm not unique.

Also got ten dollar gift certificate for All Media art supplies for drawing the caricatures. Hehe... and a keychain for wasting three years (five, if you count middle school) of my life in choir. How nice.

Must finish 1984 tonight. At least I don't have to hear any more about the basic goals and principles of Ingsoc. Hehe...

This is my new favorite song. *hugs song* Hurray!

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