May 30th, 2002


Slowly wearing away at my consciousness...

I wonder whether I spelled that right. Anyway, what you've all been waiting for: an entry all about my cat.

We have three cats. One is named Greebo. He is a little more than a year old. Amy found him poking around in her backyard and bothering her dogs last summer. So I took him.

He's a great cat. Disgustingly cute. But he's tiny. I could hold him in the palm of one hand when we got him. He's grown some, but not much... I can still carry him around like a rag doll, and he'll still jump up and ride on our shoulders.

See... our other two cats are big. Izit is plump and Sputnik is a big, long mass of fur. It's a real job to carry either one around. But Greebo is like an afterthought. It's really cute... he's still a kitten to me. But...

Is he normal? *ponders... answers own question* Probably.
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Bad me! *slaps wrists*

I'm skipping running today. But I've been going to sleep far too late the past few days and thus need to replenish my... uh... sleep supply.

And I'm so bad. We had two days to do the math review and I haven't done a damn thing.

Am also being yelled at on all fronts at school because my schedule for next year is all fucked up. This is not my fault! Whaaa!

Oh... and I accidently poked Jamie in the eye with a paintbrush. Um... he's ok now.

I'm not crazy, I'm not crazy, I'm not crazy...

You know... maybe if I say it enough times it will come true.

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    Chad Kroeger - Hero