June 5th, 2002



*stretches* Exams today! And I don't have a first period exam, so I get to go in late.

*smiles happily* No, really. That's about all. Mmm... sleep. I like sleep. And then, of course, we come home earlier than usual. *skips, because it's just too wonderful*

Oh... but I'm supposed to have a singing lesson and a therapist appointment at the same time. *scowls* I would far rather go to my lesson, but it looks as if that will have to be the one to be rescheduled. Stupid, stupid luck.

Organization is not my strong point.
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diner friends



I act like I'm 14.
This test was brought to you by James - Part of the David and James phenomenon. Take it here.

Well, at least this puts my maturity level in the right age bracket for certain members of the Harry Potter cast.

Jessi and I have noticed that, as we get older, we actually become less mature. As in her and me. Not the rest of the general population.
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diner friends

Two down, four to go!

Oh yeah! Who's your daddy?!

I kicked that Latin exam's ass, baaaaaay-beee!

Also got to look at one of the pieces for Choralworks next year. *eyes go wide* Oh. Ooooooohhhhhh my. *eeps at the hardness and puts it down* I won't think about it. I'll put it out of my head. I made it through Chorale; I'll make it through Choralworks (music concerned is "Wade in de Water" arranged by... someone).

Also... um, I got reviewed? And it's a surprisingly good review, really. I don't know why. I'm not all that great. My journal's not all that great.

Only problem is that the reviewer keeps referring to me as "him" or "young man". *buries head in hands* I'm female. Honestly. If you saw me in real life you'd have no trouble knowing this.

*sighs and laughs* Ah well... my temps say I'm male.
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