June 10th, 2002


Oooh... fun day...

Why? Because my father is not home, I'm eating gigantic and delicious red grapes, and I'm about to go watch HP again.

All that, and I just woke up from a dream in which impending death was looming overhead. Go me.
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Test fun...

Note my "music". ^^;; But it's really hard to find a chapter with Lupin in it when you're just picking blindly.

This guy's pretty decent at reading the book... But I don't like how he always makes Hermione sound like a frightened chihuahua... He does McGonagall's voice so well, though...

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    JK Rowling - "Prisoner of Azkaban" chapter 8

Simpsons quotes of no relevence...

Artie Ziff: He's a loser, Marge. Dump him! I traveled the world and the seven seas... I am watching you through a camera!

Homer: I can't take his money. I can't print my ownmoney. I have to work for money. Why don't I just lay down and die!
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