June 13th, 2002



We have ants. *scowls* Always some form of bug, isn't it? Consarn this old house. That we don't own, but live in. Consarnit.

Elmo knows where you live! Heehee! The Simpsons rawk.

Um, in other news... my running time has improved. It's still bad, but I can now run/trot one mile about three minutes faster than when I began doing this steadily a few weeks ago. It hurts, but I can do it. Which is good.

Haha... I love this song. I love it. This is techno I can get into. Let's rave, baby!

PS... I have been hanging out at the Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest Archive and have found what is quite possibly the best Harry Potter lemon slash fic ever. *Eyeballs pop out*

Watching His Buzz

Remus/Sev. Quite possibly one of the best premises on the entire list to choose from. "Magic vibrator (Arthur's been mucking about with the muggle artifacts again, and the twins get a hold of it, and...)"

So amazingly good. Remus is, frankly, adorable in it. Sexed up, but adorable.

Will now stop talking about slash.
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