June 26th, 2002


Arrr, matey...

I wish I had an actual entry. One and a half more days of government! And then... duhduhduh!... I move to health.

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diner friends

"We are now, officially, a thief nation."

Government was fun today. We were playing a governmental-ly game called "Haze" (because most of us spend the first few hours of it in a haze) wherein there are five groups, each group is a country, and each country has a different form of government. My group? Democracy.

Some of the great things being said during said game:

"That's not my lion!"

Matt: We are rich in monetary units, but poor in resources.
Me: That's capitalism for you.

Marco: Wait, wait, wait. We have a system here.

Brittany: Now move it over, 'cause we can't see. *pause* Now you move, 'cause we still can't see.

"Dictators? You are going down."

"What do you say? We buy a nuclear bomb and blow those yellow bastards out of the water?"

"There goes international trade."

To Communists: we are at war with you because you STILL ARE NOT COOL!

*Ahem* Anyway. Democracy got second place, tying with Military Junta. Constitutional Monarchy (country name: the Big Wang) won... which prompted me to say "The sun never sets on the Big Wang empire."

Yeah. We luv learnin, yo.
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