June 28th, 2002



Jim Carrey was sek-say way back in the day. Well... in a dorky kind of way.

I'm watching "Once Bitten". The dance scene is actually... kinda fun. For an eighties movie. Jim can move. Jim can do the splits.

Daaaa-aaaaaamn. *______* I waaaa-aaant that.

Oh... shit. I have to call the DMV today. >___< I need my license but... arg! Scared.

Hey, I made a page to catalogue my icons. This is mostly for my benefit, but I've got quite a few of interesting icons up. Been going on icon-making sprees.

Including this one...

Simon and Hecubus! Yay!
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diner friends


I heard this song on the radio after watching Jack Black on Comedy Central. I laughed. I mean really laughed.

I'm in love.
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"What was your favorite thing we did today?"

Around noon, I went over to Stef's. We walked down to her friend Laura's, whom I've only met once... but like. Now I've met her twice. And I still like her.

Anyway, from Laura's we went down to some little shopping district in Falls (and, during the walk down, Laura and I discovered that we knew all the words to "Copacobana". So we sang them. Loudly). I don't know. But they had this really gorgeous coffee shop there. With ice cream and meals and high ceilings and board games and couches and air conditioning. It was, like, Brady's for rich people. Which would make sense... I mean, it is Falls. But I guess Brady's has an atmosphere that you can't buy. Admittedly, it's a sweaty, college-aged, expensive coffee, and dirty rock atmosphere. But it's atmosphere, dammit, and no one can take that away from Kent.

So, after all that excitement of poking in on little old ladies in antique stores and trying on little furry hats, Stef and I left Laura back at her house (who, by the way, like Harry Potter, Alan Rickman, and Phantom of the Opera!) and journeyed back to Stef's house. We discovered that we can perform entire scenes from "The Complete Works..."

Then we watched some Eddie Izzard. Then I went home. The end of my day.
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