June 30th, 2002


Bleary-eyed and buffy teethed, the warriors returned home...

I just made that up. Aren't you proud? Oh, c'mon. Be proud.

Ok. I'm putting out the call. If anyone can find a picture of a wolf and a deer together... in the same picture... without the wolf chewing on the deer in some way... I'll give you my eternal love. And some Fuji apples. Double goes for a picture with a wolf and a black cat. No cat chewing on wolf either. They don't even have to be friendly. Just... in the same picture. That'd be nice.

Why do I want these? Well... isn't it bleedin' obvious? *sighs* Fucking Harry Potter obsession.

By the way, Moony/Padfoot fans... I'll reciprocate. Look, I'm being nice! Collapse )

But, then again, it's muuuuuch easier to find pictures of two wolves together. Fuckers.
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