July 2nd, 2002


Today was a decent day...

I mean, by my standards. Even if it is hot like a motherfucker here. Augh! Global warming!

So... school was school, Health was Health, I got the standard "Are you sure you're ok?" talk from the teacher. Yeah. Whatever.

Walked home in the oppressive heat (but stopped at Franklin Square Deli for lunch, so I guess that's cheating). Fell dead asleep. Woke up. Went and got dinner. Stopped at Coconuts. Bought Tenacious D cd, which was in the Heavy Metal section for some odd reason (mur?). Also bought Linkin Park used cd and Offspring used cd ("Americana" because, dammit, I lost my first copy). Then went to CVS and bought allergy meds (we are seeing whether they alleviate sore throat/congestion enough for me to sing) and a stuffed hamster that sings "Shake Your Groove Thing".

Exciting, huh? On Friday I take the driver's license test thing. Scared. Shit.

And Saturday is Kent Fest. *grimaces* It'd be more fun if I had someone to walk around with. I suppose I'll just stop in Heartland books and buy something to read for the day.

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