July 4th, 2002



A line of four squirrels just ran past on the back porch.

Amidst much squeaking and chittering, of course...
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I think I know what's been bothering me lately...

I'm tired of people who are all the same. This is why I have an attitude problem when it comes to the punk crowd and the goth crowd; it feels like they're trying so hard to be different... but they're all the same.

How discouraging.

I've noticed lately that certain businesses tend to hire people who are similar. Take Rockne's, for example. Ok restaurant, good salads... and all the servers are white, college-age, and skinny. There's diversity for you.

I was in Spencer's Gifts yesterday at the mall. I hate the mall. But, anyway, they had a sign up that said something like "Now hiring" or "Help wanted". And I thought "Hey, Spencer's might be a neat place to work! I could get a job here!" Then I heard the braying of an annoying creature who... well, I can only assume 'she' was female. And I looked up to the front register and saw, surprise surprise, that all the people working there had an air of "society rebel" about them, with piercings, tattoos, and hair colors not found in nature.

My chance of getting a job at Spencer's suddenly goes below the zero margin.

Don't misunderstand me. I'll like people on an individual level, whether they consider themselves gothic, preppie, punk, jock, nerd, or 'miscellaneous'. But, on the mass group level, I tend to not like certain... persuasions.

Blah. This is not very coherent.
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