July 8th, 2002


My skin tastes salty...

It's hot. Bite me (I'm salty!).

Oh gooooooood... mad tired because of a marathon oekaki. It's Discworld. Wanna see? Go here. This took somewhere around 359 minutes... but I'm sure I screwed around for a good portion of that time.

Also drew two thingies during health today while we talked about rape. >___> Uh-huh.

Susan Sto-Helit, Death of Rats, and Quoth the Raven

Sergeant Delphine Angua von Uberwald

Note that both are sketches done with a very light pencil, darkened lazily in Photoshop. They are not of the highest quality. Amusing, but... not very pretty.

Each takes up a full page in my sketchpad. I was thinking I'd do Vimes and Vetinari pages tomorrow. Then move on to... the witches? The Beggers? (wanna draw Duck Man!!!) Rincewind?

Ooo... still have a witches oekaki to do with Sycorax. Must start tomorrow. Bad me.

There's something slightly ominous about the sudden influx of Discworld art. Does this mean my Harry Potter obsession is coming to a close? I live in fear of it. But... and this is a big 'but'... I don't like any Discworld slash. I don't approve. I don't really like any romance on the Disc. Just doesn't appeal to me. And I don't want to write any fics either... I don't duplicate Pterry very well.

There may be hope for Remus and Harry yet! ^^

Oh... anybody expecting some sort of response from me... tomorrow. Must sleep so I can attend school tomorrow! For joy!
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