July 14th, 2002


I'm listening to White Trash Hell, currently...

Evercleeeeeeaaaar... *blissed out* October 8th! New album! "Volvo-Driving Soccer Mom"! Wheee!

Words of wisdom (yes, you must read them aaaaalllll)...

"you are a loser just like i was
you are a loser like the rest of your friends
you're a loser in the worst way
i think you're losing just to make up" - Blondes

"i am dreaming of a michigan girlfriend
all bright-eyed and happy in pain" - Detroit (even if the phrase "Michigan Girlfriend" does still make me wince)

"hey maybe for the first time act like a grown man" - For Pete's Sake

"sometimes i think
the power is better than a hard drug
sometimes i think
the power is better than anything
sometimes i think
letting go is just like giving up" - The Swing

"I think it's better now
than how it used to be
you were lying in bed
and I would levitate" - Nervous and Weird

"I don't deserve to die like this
no one deserves to die like this
sometimes I get so mad I just want to break the world" - Invisible

"i know the truth about you
i know the truth
mama they woke me up
i was just eight years old
sometimes it gets so hard
i feel like letting it go" - Why I Don't Believe In God

"i think you think i'm stupid
you don't think i understand
i see you and i see myself
when i was a younger man" - Sunflowers

"My bad dreams just don't seem the same
Baby without you
I wish you were willing to accept the blame
Yeah, for all the shitty things you do
Nightmares just don't scare me now
Baby without you
I wish that I could find the words to tell
You to politely go fuck yourself
Yeah, now that it's over..." - Now That It's Over (For you, Amy!)
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fuck you

*groans* Not another one!

"ur a true sicko! and dont try to cover it up either because we all know were this pic is going in.its dum to portray draco and harry as homos and as a fan u should know rowling would want harry and draco portrayed as this u messed up there personalities and everthing u should be ashamed!"

I don't even like Harry and Draco! For other people! For other people! *mubles something about motherfuckin' idiots underneath her breath*

I'll be damned if I'm ashamed.
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