July 16th, 2002



Bah... I hate school. It hurts my brain and I hate it. Plus I fall asleep all the time, so I don't know what good it does me.

Oh, right. Point to this. Uh... I've started having vague hand problems. The muscles hurt a little, ache (no sharp pain or anything) and are tight. Sometimes it's hard to hold a pencil.

Is there something I can do? Cold water, hot water, painkillers, wrist braces, etc? This is most certainly a result of my overdrawing and overworking my poor hand... ;___; Need help...
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diner friends

A really, really good review...

I've been getting so many flames lately, that I haven't been paying attention to the good stuff...

"You'll probably hate me for saying this, but you've gotten amazingly better, I've been going through your stuff and yes, and the beginng you were *good*, now you're *amazing*."

How could I hate this wonderful person? That exactly what I like to hear! ^___^ Yes, the older stuff is crap. But it's just so wonderful to know that the newer stuff is a less offensive form of crap. It's interesting crap.

It's better crap. Someday, it may be good crap. We can only hope.

So that is just about the best review I can get...
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