July 23rd, 2002


Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow

And you know what? Ow.

I feel ill. I've been sleeping a lot. I still feel ill. Replace "ow" with "ungh".

Am rereading "The Fifth Elephant" because I barely remember it. And it's all about Vimes. Pretty much. Basically. A good reason for reading it. I finished "The Last Hero" last night. It had very, very pretty pictures and quite a nice amount of Vetinari. Was happy.

I also joined the Discworld slash mailing list, for reasons I am not entirely sure of. I did say something about not heading in that direction, did I not? *looks up* C'mon people. Someone has to be keeping track of these things and it damn well better not be me.

It raaaaaaained.
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I have them... dammit.

We have birds in our fireplace, apparently. Possibly residing in the chimney. Stupid birds. I hate birds. They chirp periodically. It's annoying. Our entire house will be grown over in two years or so, having become a giant nest for various wildlife. I expect there will be possums in my room.

Whaaarg. Hiccups hurt.

What my mother has to say about reading "Maskerade": [I] like the part about the bats dropping from the ceiling when she sings. I can see why you enjoyed this book, the main character is you, reading it makes me feel close.

She is referring, of course, to Agnes Nitt. Thanks mom... makin' me feel good, as usual.

I like Agnes.
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diner friends

*does the happy dance of love*

I am going to the art museum...

the art museum...

the art museum!

I am going to the art museum, with Stefanie, tomorrow! And to the Tower City Mall, hopefully.
Edit: Plans have, as usual, fallen thrrough for this week. As I have never been there. Whee!

"Lord, protect this rocket house and all who dwell within the rocket house..." I must emphasize mad-love for "The Simpsons". Y'know, as usual.
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Oh, damn...

I've just had a rather awful (and yet strangely wonderful) bunny thrown directly at the sappy/evil part of my brain.

It's not the 'what' that's awful. No, actually, the story is quite nice and literary. Had in been thrown by any other fandom, any other couple, I would have been quite pleased. But... this... is... no! I didn't sign on for this!

Wait... I did... sometime last night when I joined that Discworld slash community.

It is taking over quite easily, isn't it? And rather loudly claiming that it boasts 20+ books in it's series, while Harry Potter has only four.

Damn... stupid... *grumblegrumble* Fine. Vimes/Vetinari to the general tune of this.

*wails* But it works so wee-eeelllllllll! *bashes head in with pitchfork* Stupid, stupid, stupid, a-MEN.
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