July 24th, 2002


My cats are not exactly smelling like rose gardens lately...

I wish I knew how to rectify this. ;__; Is very irritating.

We went to see "Road to Perdition" again. For once in my life, I think I actually like the movie more than the book (graphic novel, granted) it came from. Oddness. Jude Law still sexy in his own, weirdly wonderful way. Am also developing small crush on Daniel Craig, who pays Connor Rooney... crazy/violent/mad/mean son of John Rooney (who is played by Paul Newman). It's wonderful how he can swing from being drop dead gorgeous (in my opinion... and those 1930s suits help very much) to very, very ugly. Gorgeous actor. Love it.

And, actually, my starting to like him is rather ironic... since my mother just watched the Tomb Raider movie (and liked it... I shall not judge until I see). He's in that movie too... and she noticed him and wrote his name down and everything. Apparently he gets nekkid in that movie (I am already slightly swayed) and... she thought he acted very well under nakedness. I don't know. Anyway, it was an interesting coincidence.

I'm still not feeling well... which I attribute to excessive not taking my medication. And it's NOT that I don't want to take it. No. That's wrong. I mean... I don't want to take it, but that's not why I'm not taking it. Uh... yeah. I just tend to be a very inconsistentl medication-taker. I forget, I feel ill, I feel depressed, I feel violent. My body sucks and can go to hell.

Also visited the new Hot Topic at the mall. Did not like it (this may involve prejudice from their not carrying Everclear shirts... not that I'm expecting them to or anything, it'd just be pleasant if they did). But then we all know my feelings on the mall (I am an excessively bitter person).

This post has a lot of paretheticals. And my shirt tastes like food.
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