July 29th, 2002


So... anyway...

Like... my hand. It hurts. It sees me going for the mouse and it starts to scream "Oh! Oh pain! Pain! PAIN, damn you! No... I couldn't possibly... oh the PAIN!"

Or something like that. It's feeling tired at the moment... it's running my life.


So, like... I was up late last night. Reading rather than drawing. Finished Soul Music. Again. Started Jingo. Again.

The irony in all of this is that I have three books to read for school. And I haven't. Not a one. Well, I bought "Catcher in the Rye" but I don't want to read that. I tried to read it a long time ago and got annoyed. Stupid Holden. Even though I do like that name.

I'm sorry, but I'll take Sam Vimes over Holden Caulfield any day.

Mwwwaaaargggg. I must call Stef or else I will have an angry daddy coming after me with toenail clippers. Heyhey. I may also have to leave the house to forage for food. This was decided at four in the morning, but is now undecided.

Hey! I have TEA!

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I finally realized that I never used the actual Zoot icon I had. So I replaced him.

Mmm... Daniel Craig. It only makes sense if you've seen "Road to Perdition", and even then it doesn't make much sense...

I updated my icons page too. Now it makes sense too. Sort of.

My cat loves me. Which is why he sheds all over me... right?
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And I must give a heartfelt "But of course"!

As these seem to fit rather well...

Which Character from The Last Unicorn Are YOU?

Find out now! Only from the Quiz Junkie

I adore Shmendrick, by the way. I loved him when I was little and he's still my favorite. Next to the Unicorn, of course...

Which Lilo & Stitch Character Are YOU?

Find out now! Only from the Quiz Junkie

Haha! Small and fluffy! I still want a Stitch doll. You know, I really would have preferred a new Disney store to the new Hot Topic at CH.
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Stephanie is now content. Stephanie just spelled her own name wrong and had to go back and correct it.

But... ah. I must report: I have found the first Mint cd. It's dirty and grungy and a little scratched, but it's MINE, dammit. HaHA! I love Borders. I didn't know they carried local music, but they do. And they had one nasty, old copy left of Mint numero uno. So I bought it.

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It's very pretty. And I actually found the lyrics on a rather large online lyric collection. Will Mint go national someday? I could only hope. That would be SO cool. And "Not All Angels Fly" is a really good to go national with, should that ever happen. I saw them in concert (but only once... I've had plenty of other opportunities to go, I just never went). It was good. It was hot and sticky, but that's the way a concert should be. It was fun. Amy and I were friends and it was fun.

The only problem is that he's got a super quiet voice.
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