August 3rd, 2002



Now... this is a plea to the general public... pray for me. Tomorrow at 9:15 Eastern Standard time. For I am taking the driver's test again.

*sighs* I am calm. I can do this. I am the Grand Master Poobah of maneuverability.
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diner friends

To all the people who prayed for me...

(...and for my sanity as Grand Master Poobah of manueverability...)

I give you.... duhduhduhduh... this little certificate that says I passed my driver's exam! Whahey! I'd give you my license, except I don't have my license yet. Because we need my birth certificate. *idley wonders how that's going* Anyway... yay!

They were reeeeaaaaally lenient with me, though. Because after failing for the fourth time, you have to wait six months. So the guy I went out with was like "Oh, yeah. Go ahead and start over. I'll take some points off, but you're still in the game."

He had to remind me to take the keys out of the car after we were done. I felt like a fool, but at least I PASSED! YES! *punches air*
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I'm eating yogurt....

Tops supermarket brand Coconut Creme yogurt, to be exact.

And it looks... mmm-mmm-mmm... pretty much like semen. Does not taste like semen however. Tastes like coconuts.

And for that I am grateful.
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