August 7th, 2002



I don't feel good. I got stepped on by a bee... no, wait... stop. Turn it around. I stepped on a bee. Or a wasp. I don't know which. Ouch.

It seems to be all better now. *walks around* Feelin' groovy.

I finished the second Darren Shan book and started on the third. They are an incredibly easy read (says the girl who read at a high school level by the third grade) but the world is so complex that it's still engaging. I'd be happier if they were written more like the Harry Potter books... you know, for kids and adults, no real distinction. As is, they're most definitely for kids. When you have to stop and define 'telepathy' during the narrative, I think it's a definite signal.

On the other hand, there's plenty of Darren/Evra (the snake boy) moments and that's cute. I think the reason it's so adorable is because you get a general sense of what age they're supposed to be, but you don't exactly know. Darren could have been anywhere from 9 years old to 13 or 14 in the first book. Evra's about a year older than Darren. Soooooo... any touchy-feely stuff could be attributed to little boy playfulness or...

You know the rest. ^^; Anyway, it's cute, cute, cute.

I will leave soon for appointment. Blaaargh.

Why is this song so great?
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