August 8th, 2002

diner friends

I'm all, like, bored and stuff...

I talk like Kitty... whee!

So I finished Darren Shan numero tres. Spanglish. Umm... but I don't like how he introduces stuff and then leaves it, when you know it's gotta be at least a little important. Like Mr. Tiny and the Little People... what's up with them, huh? He sorta brings them out in the second book and then... you don't hear about it anymore. But Mr. Tiny freaks everybody out, so you know that he's going to be a major plot point eventually. And Steve? Will he reintroduce Steve?

In other words, this man leaves a ton of loose ends hanging around. Which probably means that it's going to be a long series.

Still seeing Darren+Evra. Heeheehee... *waves evil slasher flag* Moo!
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I either have a cold or allergies. I'm not sure which.

Aaargh... went to Summit mall today with Stef and Dad. Was made to go into the Gap. Stef tried to get me to try on stuff but... no, I didn't. I'll do the clothes shopping... mmm... later? Always later. I hate trying to shop for clothes.

But we went to Suncoast video and I bought a cute little Meryl (from Trigun!) keychain. She's all cute and wobbly and... chibi. I would have bought Vash or Wolfwood or the like, but she was the only one there. And so cute! So... I bought. There was also a stuffed Kuroneko for sale. I didn't buy him, as he was expensive.

Meryl is now on my keys. My keychains are now: the lobster, my three year choir award, and Meryl. Heehee... I may need to stick Black Jack on there too.

Also stopped at the Disney store. I would have bought a Stitch plushie, except they didn't have any! They had Lilo plushies, and her little dolly, and Elvis-Stitch, and Experiment 626. But no plain Stitch. Am disappointed. I want him... I'm checking online.

I found him. He won't ship for nine weeks! Gyaaah!

I think will go trot...
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