August 13th, 2002


On pixel art...

It takes far longer than it should. And... it's not complex, but it is. Sort of. And I like doing it. It just eats up so much time.

Stitch pixel. The only thing I've finished tonight. He's cute, though.
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I'm starting to dislike this Harry Potter test.

Why? because of this question:

"Do you think illegal immigrants should be sent back home because they are an economic liability?"

And this question:

"Capital punishment is acceptable because it gives criminals their just desserts for horrific offenses."

Agreeing with either almost certainly gives you Voldemort. Which is stupid. I don't agree with capital punishment because I think it's worse to be imprisoned in a dingy, sunless hole for life (but they don't do that. I wish they would). The only way I'd agree with capital punishment is if they started killing off mass amounts of prisoners. Population control. And don't you think it would reduce serious crime? The way it is, most people on death row stay alive for 20, 30, 40 years on appeals. Which, true, isn't pleasant. But it ain't death either. And it's far from lifelong misery in a sunless hole. The system isn't really working currently. The death penalty is a deterrent... it could be a greater deterrent. If sentences actually meant ten years or twenty years, it'd be a deterrent. If we were putting our murderers at the bottom of sunless holes, it'd be a deterrent.

As you can see, I'm not a very nice person. But if I disagree with the statement, I get Dumbledore. Hmm.

And, no, I don't think we should send illegal immigrants back because they're an economic liability (immigrants help to create jobs and pay more in taxes then they use in services. See This doesn't mean I'm compassionate. It means that our country was founded on immigrants and what the hell right do we have to limit the freedom to move? This isn't our country, it's everyone's country. Learn to share.

But it bugs me that a viewpoint is being categorized as 'evil'. Voldemort has only one redeeming quality, and that is that he is very good at what he does. Sort of redeeming, anyway. But... pfft. As if being Democrat or Republican (or Libertarian) can be classified as evil. I live in a town full of Democrats. I get to hear about how evil Republicans are allllll the time. It bugs the hell out of me, since I believe Democrats do more damage. No offense meant... I just disagree. Strongly.

Bottom line: Harry Potter and politics do not mix and Stephanie is easily riled up at 4:30 in the morning.
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I'm eating these peanuts...

They say lightly salted, but they also have pepper or something on them. They taste faintly of pizza. And... arrgh. Too much seasoning baaaaaaad.

Damn. I really do write the way I talk.

I'm hoping that I get to play with my new toy today. A shiny new adapter for my portable cd player that plugs into my car... somehow. It's eluding me currently, but I'll figure it out. I hope to travel to Stef's and watch Eddie Izzard and "Velvet Goldmine". But that involves, like, calling her and stuff. Uh...

I cannot believe I'm drawing more adoptable Evo characters. Further proof that my brain has deteriorated.

And I'm contemplating Vimes and Vetinari figures. *brain explodes* Fuck. They're like horribly addicting toys.
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