August 25th, 2002



Can anyone resist a band who proclaims "We're the butt-fuckers of rock n' roll"?

Well... obviously some people. But they don't count.
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Err... how to put this...

I keep seeing a lot of people referring to the group that used to be called 'preppie' (back in the olden days...) as 'twinks' or 'twinkies'.

Do these people realize that 'twink' is slang for a young, thin, tiny, gay man? And probably slang for 'penis' as well; lord knows I don't keep up on these things. >_>

It's just really hard to read something about 'twinks' without making that connection. *is pained by juxtaposition of gay man slang and adolescent slang* Ugh. My brain.
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diner friends

Well, yes...

I had to have it and have it all nice and legal-like. But I cheated for ages to get it. Apparently the answers for Adult Simba and Scar are verrrry close... which I find interesting. Hehe. But I'm not Simba. I'm not voiced by Matthew Broderick. No, no... Jeremy Irons makes the running commentary inside my head.

Which Lion King Character Are You?

Created by CrazyCoasterCo.

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Is there any universal right and wrong?

If there is, who's right and who's wrong? Why?
Or is everything just a variation, a shade of grey? Is it all about perception and point of view? Do we change the universe by perceiving it a certain way?
Is freedom such an incredibly muddled concept that there's no sense in striving toward it?
Can you be more unique than another person?
And dudes, if I ever irritate you, just tell me to go away. Please. Go on, you can do it right now... I'm all ears.
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