August 28th, 2002


Mmm... kinda, sorta...

Well, I'm scared. The beginning of the school year is not a good time for me. My brain does not like being tugged happily out of the routine and then shoved back in three months later (maybe more like one and a half because of summer school). I don't deal with it well. I get scared. I get scared easily. I'm scared about the friends issue, I'm scared about the AP classes. I'm scared about the whole concept of "Senior Year". I mean, I've been waiting for Senior Year since... a very long time ago. And now that I'm going to start it, all I can think about is Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Years. And middle school and elementary school. And all that time I may have spent waiting instead of doing.

I don't see a new adventure. I just see what's getting left behind.

Random Helena quote:

"I'm in high school physics! Why am I having such a good time?"


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