August 29th, 2002


First day of school

Went pretty ok. Morning classes are... amazingly easy. No heavy thinking in the morning for me! Public speaking seems ok... kinda subdued, which is nice. Very few boys, so hopefully I'll have a little less trouble getting up and speaking. But Art Portfolio... euuuuch! Jamie's in that class and so is Conor... so that's ok. But Pat and Sean... *shakes head* I cannot stand those two. Pat because he's a dumbass (and he's in my Latin class too, curse him) and Sean because he's a showoff. And talented too, which makes it even worse.
Choralworks was ok. A little bit... showy for my tastes, but ok... then again, maybe I need showy. I'm far too quiet in big groups. And there's a sort of... general friendliness toward people in the group. Oh, you're one of us? Great! 'Course, if you aren't one of 'us', it might not be so great.
Brandy, you looked very nice today. Great boots. And your hair looks neat with the orangeness and... yeah.
Then... lessee... fourth period, I got in trouble for not being in my study hall because I didn't know I had a study hall. I just sat up in Susel's and read. But Mrs. G. saw me as classes were changing and got on my case about it (Mr. Susel told me not to worry because she was snotty to me for no reason... but that's how Mrs. G. is anyway, so I wasn't worrying). Then we talked a little and she told me she would be helping with the play this year. I said, great because I keep trying out and not making it. She said, keep trying. Bah.
My AP Calc class is huge. Amy's in it. And we have homework.
AP English is gonna be fun. Anya and Rachel are in that class and we kept giggling about Dzeda-isms and... yeah. I have a reduction due tomorrow on "Catcher...". I can't think of a good layout or visual device to use... >___<
And Latin is... Latin.
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I now have "Deo Gloria" on a CD. Track two of the choir composite.


Oh, come on... you remember how big a deal this was to me six months ago, right?

I'm going to have to make this into an mp3. It's so good! I love it to death! To death, I say!

And "The Halleluiah Chorus" too! Whurg... and, hey, that high note at the end didn't suck too horribly!
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