October 5th, 2002

diner friends

Lalalalalala... oh... oh... Fuck off!

He seemed to say. *covets Eddie Izzard*

Today's Evo episode spawned bunnies! Bunnies! *they run around DrWorm's feet* It spawned a bunny that wrote a whole page before I could stop it.

A whole page!!! Yay! For someone who has had writer's block for months, this is like Christmas. Unfortunately I can not distribute as of yet because... boombauwchee... it's on my laptop which has an A drive that has conveniently stopped working properly. Grr. Rawr. *blows up stuff*

Lance: "I don't care. I just want to get my hands on Pietro."

Haha! No, really. He actually said that in the episode. Or something equivalent. Of course he meant it in a mean, nasty, bitch-fight to max EXTREME Danger kinda way. But still. Subtext, inner monologue, that's what you didn't have, id, ego, SUPEREGO! That's what you didn't have. Lance is gay in my mind and I love him. *pets*

And he has a guitar!

Doodoodoodoo... it's like Blue Man Group and the Reduced Shakespeare Company got loose in my mind. Ok, I'm going to go write more cheesy crap. HaHA!

I need an Evo icon, probably. Shrrrruuuuuuug. Red Dragon today!
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