October 9th, 2002


The world has been busy...

Dammit. I don't want 'busy'. I want non-busy. I want a pleasant stroll through the flower garden, not a high speed chase through the sewers of New York.

I'm probably sick again. But I really shouldn't miss any more school. Arrgh. We have Friday off, though. Some sort of teachers' day. Yahoo.

I have to draw a person eating for my next art homework assignment. *lays down and dies* With a graphite stick. *pokes pencil in ear* Which I have to remember to buy tomorrow so that I can work on it over the weekend because she's checking it Monday. *brains leak out eyes* Double arrgh.

Haha. And I've run out of passably interesting things to talk about. Because, as busy as my life might be right now, it's not terribly interesting.
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