October 13th, 2002


Blaahhhhhh. Blah.

*tacks a label onto chest* PROCRASTINATOR.

That's me. And my intro paragraph for my English paper sucks because I'm not entirely sure what it is I'm writing about. Collapse )

Now, the interesting thing about this class is that I seem to be able to write down just about any old thing and get a decent grade on it. Even if I think it sucks royally. Maargh. This is not a good system because I live in constant fear of writing something that doesn't do well.

*wishes idly for a class that would allow her to write slash and be graded on it* Man... that'd be an easy A.

Plus, I have a drawing to do that I don't know exactly how to do. And haven't started. Oh, the pain. And I spilled Diet Coke on the paper that I'm supposed to be doing it on. So... yes, this will be an interesting assignment, don't you think?

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