November 14th, 2002


Because I know you're all fascinated by my real life...

I may have to move.

Now, we aren't talking cross-state move, as it usually is. Still... a move. Maybe not even out of Kent. Still... a move.

Why? They're selling the house we are currently renting. How sweet. This also means I have to clean and go through "showing the house" stress. The fuckers.

Somehow, this has yet to sink in. I'm not yet entirely indignant about it.

Well... I haven't started cleaning yet.

Tonight was the first official night of the play. Meh. Anya fucked up kinda sorta at the end... I saved her, but just barely. When you save a person with a comment like "She jumped out the window" it's not much of a save. And now that everyone knows my character is an insensitive bitch, I'll just go hide in the corner now. Bye.

Stephanie has no character. Stephanie needs no character. Stephanie stepped her lines up from a grand total of nine, to a whopping ten with the "she jumped out the window" improv. There are no small parts, only small actors, and Stephanie is definitely a small actor. Who will probably not be getting another part in another play. Hip hip fucking hurrah.

I want the boxed dvd set of Sports Night episodes so I can drool over Peter and Josh. And Dan/Casey sex.
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