December 15th, 2002



I feel sick-ish. Sort of like "OW! My BRAIN!" And I want to sleep. But really, I can't because I have a bloody awful paper to write about Horatio's role in Hamlet for tomorrow.

Mishmish. ZeN has a Harry Potter oekaki board? Guh. Great time for me to find this out. Crackmonkeys. Damned paper. Which takes bloody forever.

God. Sirius Black... irritates me. As a character. *squinches eyes shut*

I feel like such a dip. Accidentally posted something that wasn't mine on FictionAlley. Um. Don't ask how. I feel really dumb, though. I rectified the prob, but... I may just delete that post because I'm so stupid. Yes. That sounds good.

I don't know whether I much like FictionAlley. Or rather... the people. As a site, it's quite lovely.

Man. My entries always make me sound like a real idiot. You know, in real life, I can actually string an entire sentence together. Verb, subject, direct object... you name it.

Choir concert. Went fine. "Glory, Glory, Glory..." officially everyone's favorite song.

Decided to do the "Dog-Botherer" scene (aka "Tiger, Tiger burning bright") from Night Watch for the illustration for my art homework. Havvie looks awfully cute. Gave the poor boy a very interesting costume design. And he's holding the fork with the apple on the end. :D Buuuuut, he has a Downey leaning on his back and being an asshole. Damn him.

"You're a scag, Vetinari."
"Yes, Downey."

Although in my picture, Havelock looks slightly more pissed at the intrusion. Well.

Why does this suck?
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