December 16th, 2002


*mental orgasms in sheer happiness*

I've been saying for ages that Jeremy Irons would have made an absolutely darling Remus Lupin for the third Harry Potter movie, if only he was... mmm... ten years younger. Not because of his looks, certainly (still pretty after all these years), but more because of the relative ages of the Marauders. I always figured Lupin to be between 35 and 40 and with Jeremy being... let's see... 54, I believe, it seemed a little much to hope for.

But oh... ooooh... ohhh. Guess who is two years older than Jeremy and playing a rather large part in the movies?

Alan Rickman. :D

Vive la older men!

There is still a semblance of hope for li'l ol' me.
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I pruned my friends list slightly. But, hey... I didn't remove anyone who would be reading this. So... happy days. And I added new nifty people. *waves*

Dammit. I can barely manage social stuff in real life, let alone Internet... crap.



Peanuts. I didn't eat a real dinner today because I... fell asleep. And am laaaaazy. Art Club holiday party tomorrow. The fuckers. If I keep getting teased, I'm walking out and never coming back. I spend a whole dollar on you people and this is the thanks I get? Meh.

Hamlet is prettyful. As always.

And someone is being bad and plagerizing me on I'm not too concerned. *laughs* It's so absurd. They're taking my Evo fics and making them Harry Potter fics. And... well, let's just say some of them don't translate particularly well.

Why do people do that anyway?

Jokes about kids really get my goat.
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