December 17th, 2002



So... they were showing the house at 4:30 today. And what do I do?

I go shopping. I went to Gabe's and bought a soft, cuddley sweater and a pair of gloves that say 'LOVE' on one hand and 'HATE' on the other. And are green. Man, but I'm almost broke. I need to roll some coins so I can buy presents.

Art Club! More fun than usual. Yay! Because it should be fun, dammit. We did the gift exchange. I brought in... a lamp that said 'BABY', a book about Ritalin and children, and a Jewish candle and holder. The lamp was a buck and the candle and the book were both 50 cents. Thrift store frickin' rules. Let's see... Carolyn got the lamp, Joe got the book, and Sasha got the candle. I got Rachel's patented 'Bag O' Stuff You Grab Whilst Running Around Your House Like A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off'.

... Double yay! Included were a can of Campbell's tomato soup, a package of microwave popcorn, little champagne bottles filled with bubbles, chopsticks, a book of matches (um... three guesses as to which room she ran through), and a foot on a chain. In a really cool bag!

Um... now I have to, like, go to work. "Work." This band concert better be worth it. Hmmph.

Oh... and I think I actually like the Branagh version of Hamlet better than the Zeffirelli version. Odd as it is...

There. is. this. song. I can't remember the title, but there's a line in it that goes something like "I'm falling and fooling myself that it's flying." I want this song. And yet, like Mercury's "Razorblade", I cannot find it. Help?

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