December 26th, 2002

diner friends

Uh... yeah. And stuff...

And a rather belated 'thank you' to everyone who sent comfort my way and/or said very nice things about my silly art. It means quite a bit to me... even though I'm not always sure how to express that.



There we go.
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Discworld art, ahoy!

Unfinished Discworld art, however. Sadly. It's just to fool myself into thinking I've been productive these past few days. Which I haven't been. Not really. Except for beating my dad at Scrabble by using the word 'faze' and earning 40-some points.

On the other hand, he beat me too. So...

Oh right. Art.

Young Vetinari... Assassin chic. I like drawing belts (a residual Squall obsession, I believe). And knives. I like those knives. Can you tell I was watching Hamlet whilst drawing?

Uh... Young Vetinari again. With young Downey. *whispers* Scag. Anyway. That delightful scene in Night Watch that I drew for art (but am still coloring) and then deflated my ego with a sharp stick when she didn't like it. Stupid art teacher. Goache and watercolor and ink and not done and at least twice the size of what the scanner managed to pick up.

That's all. For now.
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