December 28th, 2002



That I do.

I really need to start those college applications.

But... TEETH! They suck!
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Damn... fucking... Tolkien!

And his damn... fucking... addicting... world! Christ.

I started actually reading Fellowship..., which is rather amazing in my eyes. I mean, I read The Hobbit when I was 8 or 9 or something. Yeah. And fell in love. I was all like "Yeah! Woo! Go Hobbits!" and that sort of thing. So then I tried to move on to the actual trilogy. Got about 90 pages in and was so bored that I just gave up. And never gave it another thought until last year when the movie came out.

Tried to read it again and I couldn't even get through The Hobbit! Was surprised to find that my preteen favorite was, save for the chapter "Riddles in the Dark", terminally wordy, overwritten, and boring. I gave up all hope until today when I picked up Fellowship... and found myself, while not engrossed by any means, more than slightly interested.

Yay. Damn you... damn you aaaaaall. *has also been captivated by LotR slash* Very bad. Quit that. *slaps brain*

Oh wait... I wrote it, a very long time ago. >_> Well, a year. Bah. Thankfully my tastes have changed slightly... from Aragorn/Legolas to Aragorn/Frodo.

I can hear my mother laughing from her little perch in Pitt. Pshaw. You're the one who got me into this in the first place. Sort of.

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All this comes and bites me in the arse right after I get my lj completely and utterly Gryffindor-ized. Bloody hell. *bounces up and down waiting for PoA* Come oooooon, gimme my Remus/Harry fix!

I'm a sick li'l bunny. And... um... this post is rather long. Ciao.
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I need to get my ebay account back up and working. Because I've seen the light and now want... this!

Among many other things. I really do need to find myself a sugar daddy.

*whimpers and crawls back under a rock*
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