January 8th, 2003



People seem to like short entries better. Because we're all lazy. :P Note that I said we're all lazy, as I am also lazy. Lazy, procrastinating...

It's a wee bit sad that my art has crossed from cartoon and illustration to caricature. Don't get me wrong... I like caricature. But it just sounds silly. Especially when the caricatures I like doing involve pretty boys draped all over each other. Hehe.

I have a wicked urge to make wallpapers for people on livejournal who have backgrounds that are kind of... bleh. But I'm reluctant to do anything like that because I want to avoid any Morwen-like situations (I love you dearly, but I... no). And, plus, it'd be rather silly and hypocritical and a waste of my time that could be spent on drawing pretty boys. On top of one another. Whee.

Actually, I just have an urge to fiddle about and do cool things with other people's layouts, as my layout is set, set, set and I'm not changing it. Even though I've found that it does not work properly in Netscape. At all. Which is why Netscape users should get themselves better browsers. *thhpp* I don't like Netscape.

This isn't short at all..
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Just getting the daily Izzard fix...

Was grading Latin tests (for Latin I on noun and adjective endings in case you were wondering. Hmm, better than yesterday, I see) and had this bit pop into my head:

-"Two languages in one head! No one can live at that speed!"
-"But the Dutch speak four languages and smoke marijuana?"
-"Well, everyone knows that marijuana is a drug-enhancement that will cause you to come last in a race of eight million other runners who are all dead."

So my excuse for not speaking a second language is that I need more marijuana.

However, subjunctive verbs are coming along nicely. I rather like subjunctives, I think. So wonderfully ambiguous when taken out of context. As everything I translate is taken out of context.
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