January 10th, 2003

fuck you


Speech today. About drugs. Legalizing them. Am afraid that I am going to be ripped to shreds by people who don't like the idea. It bugs me that Mrs. C always gets this amused look on her face when I talk about what I believe. Like she's humoring me or something. >__> Like her opinion is the right one because she's the teacher.

I know what she's going to say: "What an interesting opinion, Stephanie." It's not only interesting, it's WELL-INFORMED and LOGICAL. So shut the fuck up.

But, on the other hand, I have done no work on this. Will see if I can pull it off. "So there I was in the streets with only a key and my wits and something else I found had inestimable value--green posterboard."
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Rape a hobbit...

Okay. Speech went fine. I made it through, albeit rather stiltedly. I think mine was actually the most persuasive speech in the class as I converted a ton of people. Go me. I got all emotional and sarcastic about too... like "Psssh! What does the government think they're doing?"

Did you know Isadora Duncan died when her scarf got caught in the wheel of car and snapped her neck?

Model U.N. people having a very tough time as two people backed out of their trip to Columbus... which begins today. Uh. Yeah. So they were begging me to go and I'm like "WHAT??? Nuh-uh, no way." It's far too short notice and I have a ton of art homework to finish/start. Plus I have no idea what Model U.N. does, even though I'm supposedly in it.

Plus, they didn't do Burundi... which they should have.

May go see a movie with Anya this weekend. Woo, woo.
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Mmm, weekend.

Going over to Jason's tonight to watch Goonies, apparently. Is it "Goonies" or "The Goonies"? Anyway, it has Sean Astin in it. Uh, yeah. But he (Jason, not Sean Astin) likes to just decide stuff and then assumes we'll come. Sometimes it's fun and sometimes it's just plain weird.

Bought gas. Bought Chinese food. Consumed Chinese food. The world is expensive.

Would anyone like to build an Elijah Wood fansite called "Rock Elijah"? I know it sounds... sort of silly. And dirty. Which is why it's the perfect name. And if you've heard "Elijah Rock"... well.

Dude, I think I'm going to listen to that right now. Collapse )

So if anyone wants to partner up and do that, I'm all for it. At this very moment. >_> I dunno what we'd add to the already tremendous Elijah fanbase besides a really cool name, but...

Uh, anyway. Dude, so Jason was asking me if I had a boy/girlfriend.

Me: Aguh?

And then he said "Well, don't worry. I'll set you up. I think my cousin would date you... except that he has a girlfriend."

Um. Oh.

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